Diary Study App: Persona


  • Jaimie, 42
    • Lives in San Mateo
    • Commutes around the Bay Area for work
    • Likes working independently
    • Makes her own schedule


  • Freelance Qualitative Researcher
  • Average engagement 1.5 months
  • Engages 1 or 2 companies at a time
  • Has many methodologies and recommends based on client needs


  • Way to keep track of, incent, and contact participants during each study
  • Way to organize and gather data
  • Way to share data and raw data with clients.
  • Way to remotely share data with a group
  • Way to let participants interact and ask each other questions (if needed)


  • Keeps track of lots of documents in different places
  • Uses blogs, spreadsheets and email to keep track of participants
  • Often works remotely with clients


Empathy Map:

Screenshot 2014-04-13 13.51.23

Think & Feel

  • Frantic, hard to keep track of everything
  • Want to provide killer insights for clinets
  • Nervous about gathering data that is useful


  • Expensive options
  • Hacked together solutions (workarounds)
  • Growing interest in User Experience/Design Research field
  • Lots of users to keep track of

Say & Do

  • “That could be answered with a diary study”
  • Wouldn’t it be interesting to see how people…
  • Chooses other methods of research because diary studies are a hassle to run


  • “We need UX Research”
  • “Lets find out from customers”
  • “Diary studies are too hard”
  • “How can I see the results of the diary study”
  • “Can I be involved?”
  • “What are you learning?”





About calliewheeler

Callie is an enthusiastic proponent of user centered design and usability research and discovery. Her passions lie in social entrepreneurship and experience design.

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