Making the Case

For an interactive and full service marketing firm, the communication mechanizms they had in place were slowing business down and creating inefficiencies. For this company, Microsoft Exchange was costing too much time and money to manage and it was unreliable in mail delivery. Through observing and speaking with many of my colleagues, I noticed that many were simply using their personal Gmail accounts to pick up where the Exchange platform fell short.

In order to make the case to implement Google Apps as the primary digital communication service I needed to understand how much of a willingness or a demand there was among the employee community. It was also important to garner widespread support that would help me drive the transition forward.

To learn the attitudes of employees, I created a short anonymous survey that addressed common communication protocols and inquired about experiences while using them. I also asked about familiarity with the Google Apps, willingness to use a different platform and overall experience with IT in general.

I ensured a 100% response rate from employees by sending the survey out to small working teams and addressing them directly, asking them to fill out my survey and conducting impromptu informal interviews about their experience with technology in the company.

With the full set of data I compiled a presentation for the executive team making the case for Google Apps implementation in the company. According to the results of my survey the reasons were clear: many people were already using Google in their day-to-day work, nearly everyone had smartphones that they used to check web-mail but not work mail — because connecting Exchange to their device was too hard, and the learning curve for Google Apps was very low due to the widespread familiarity in the company with Google.


About calliewheeler

Callie is an enthusiastic proponent of user centered design and usability research and discovery. Her passions lie in social entrepreneurship and experience design.

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